Producer of Industrial Textile Products and Fabrics
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Technical production

Industrial textile products
We produce custom-tailored products based on the specific requirements of customers.

The Department of Industrial Textile Products consists of:

  • Cutting and Welding Section: cutting and adjustments of various types of textile patterns is done here, high frequency and hot air welding machines are used in the process of joining layered fabrics.
  • Sewing Section: is equipped with different types of sewing machines including the light ones, special programmable machines and heavy machines with elongated arm of ADLER – DURKOPP type.
  • All these technologies make possible the production of industrial custom-tailored products ranging from coin-sacks up to large capacity marquees and covers or tents.

We have more than 20 years of experience with OEM production for multinational companies specializing on humanitarian, fire-brigade and multipurpose tents made of both textile and PVC materials.

Technical production, Sewing SectionTechnical production

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